Past Events

2020 Bicycle Valet Winnipeg Events:

February 5th - Bikes & Brews Tour
February 8th - Big Bike Chill - Ride In Movie
February 14th - Downtown Winnipeg Biz - Fat Bikes & Brunch
February 14th - Winter Bike to Work Day Pit Stop - The Forks

Due to health guidelines and restrictions, the following events were postponed or cancelled for 2020.  We look forward to working with these organizers again to provide safe, convenient and secure valet parking for active transportation users at events.

March 13th - Get Moving on Climate: A Transportation Event
April 19th - Earth Day at Fort Whyte Alive 
May 14th - Gizhe Waa Ti-Sii-Win Service Delivery Expo 
June 8th - Bike to Work Day All-Day Pit Stop 
June 13th - Happy Days on Henderson 
June 14th - Bike Week Celebration 
June 27th - Unite 150 
July 1st - Osborne Village Canada Day Street Party 
July 1st - Canada Day at The Forks 
July 27th - Folklorama Kick-Off Event 
August 14-16 - Current Music Festival - The Forks 
August 22 - 23 - MS Bike Gimli
September 11-13 - Manyfest 2020 


2019 Bicycle Valet Winnipeg Events:

April 10th Winnipeg Whiteout Party! Round 1 NHL Playoffs
April 12th Winnipeg Whiteout Party! Round 1 NHL Playoffs
April 18th Winnipeg Whiteout Party! Round 1 NHL Playoffs
April 28th Earth Day at Fort Whyte Alive
May 5th Winnipeg Police Services Half Marathon
May 13th Gizhe Waa Ti-Sii-Win Service Delivery Expo with End Homelessness Winnipeg
May 25th Bike Winnipeg Doors Open Tour
May 25th Table for 1200 More
May 31st Commuter Challenge Media Launch
June 5th Clean Air Day with Green Action Centre
June 6th Run/Walk celebrating 20th Anniversary of Centre de santé
June 8th Rise Up 100: Songs for the Next Century Concert
June 8th Happy Days on Henderson
June 17th Bike to Work Day
June 18th Moveable Feast Bike Tour
June 23rd Bike Week Celebration
June 27th Marché de nuit à St-B Night Market
June 28th Downtown Night Market
July 1st Canada Day Running Room Run
July 1st Canada Day at The Forks
July 16th Moveable Feast Bike Tour
July 26th Downtown Night Market
July 27th Folklorama Kick-Off Event
August 13th Moveable Feast Bike Tour
August 24th MS Bike Gimli
August 30th Downtown Night Market
Sept 6th - 8th ManyFest
Sept 27th Global Climate Strike Winnipeg
September 28th Nuit Blanche Moveable Feast Bike Tour
October 3rd ModeShift 2019 Event

2018 Bicycle Valet Winnipeg Events

April 16th ModeShift 2018 Street Fight @ the WAG
April 22nd Earth Day @ Fort Whyte Alive
May 1st, 3rd, 7th, 12th, 14th & 20th Winnipeg Whiteout Street Party Round 2 & 3
May 26th Table for 1200 More
May 26th Doors Open Winnipeg – Bike Winnipeg Ride
June 6th Clean Air Day
June 9th Happy Days on Henderson
June 18th All Day Pit Stop for Bike to Work Day Valet @ The Forks
June 18th Moveable Feast
June 24th Ciclovia @ The Forks
June 29th Downtown Winnipeg Night Market 
July 1st Running Room Canada Day Run
July 1st Canada Day @ The Forks
July 15th Jubilation Festival @ Saint Boniface Cathedral
July 27th Downtown Winnipeg Night Market
July 28th Folklorama Kick-Off Event @ Assiniboine Park
July 31st Moveable Feast
August 14th Moveable Feast
August 31st Downtown Winnipeg Night Market
September 7-9 ManyFest - All Together Downtown
September 29th Nuit Blanche Moveable Feast